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Charter Member Re-Invitation 


Greetings fam, 


This message is exclusively for you as a Ground x Grind Charter Member. 


We’ve been a little quiet at GRND, but it’s because we’ve been building. We’ve been assessing what has worked for us in year one, and how to best move forward while considering the feedback of the people, and how we should best position Ground x Grind moving forward. With that in mind, we are clear in the power, influence and functionality that we bring as a social club, community hub and event space. 


We have found that GRND has been best utilized as a space where people connect with each other. While co-working space will continue to be made available, our hope is that going forward, GRND will become the central meeting space in our community. Whether connecting for a meeting, for coffee or for an adult beverage, or for one of our curated member events, you will be able to both Ground and Grind with us. 


With that being said, we have some standing member events that we will be rolling out in June and throughout the rest of the summer that we are excited to bring to you. From weekly member meet-ups/networking events, to intimate conversations hosted in our Clubhouse, to weekly Thursday happy hours, Friday game/R&B nights and Sunday Suppers, your GRND membership WILL be well worth it. The June calendar will be available on our website this week. 


Our GRND Member Clubhouse will be open and accessible this month, and as long as AEP cooperates, the back lot will be open and full of fun and respite this month as well. Juneteenth this year will be a day party on Sunday, June 23rd, and it will be the kickoff to our Sunday Supper series. 


With that being said, we need you to renew your membership and help us continue the build upon the foundation we have started. Membership is $50/mo for individuals and $75/mo for couples. We are offering the first month free, if you renew before this Friday. 


Follow this link and use code: GRNDZero


Our belief is that whether GRND is around for the next 2 years or the next 20, it will be remembered as a moment in time.


We’re asking you to continue to be a part of and to help build that history. 

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