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Membership at GRND has it's perks. All that we ask is that you leave ego at the door and embrace possibility.

At the GROUND level, you will have access to a variety of builders, creators, dreamers, fighters, and visionaries. 

Will you be one of them?

To be a member you must know a member. Our space is safe.


We commit to each other and to community. 


Membership in GRND has its perks.


GRIND Membership
$50/month Solo
$75/month Couples

  • Fingerprint-access to co-working and social space

  • 2-person guest access (4-person access for couples)

  • Unlimited coffee bar 

  • Member storage-access to host guests 

  • Member event rental pricing

  • Complimentary member happy hours

  • Power Hour meet-ups

  • Member event priority sign-up and discounts

  • Access to affinity groups

  • Curated experiences

  • Access to GRND Digital Community and App

  • GRND menu access via B&K Smokehouse

  • Mailing list

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